Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I spent 2 hours at the red brick building this morning and man, those guys are flyin' in there!  In addition to the GC's full carpentry crew (5 people), also at work were the mason, 2 plumbing guys, 2 HVAC guys and 2 sprinkler guys.  Then, while I was there, the ironworker and his assistant came to look at the area where the balconies are to attach, the aluminum window/skylight sales guy dropped off the window clips that we have been *begging* him for all month and the architectural draughtsman came by to make some field verifications.

The most exciting part for me is always seeing the framing go up and the team didn't disappoint.  They finished off the top of the staircase between the first and second floors.  Here's what the top steps look like:

Then they built the wall at the top of the stairs, the powder room walls and the nook where the refrigerator will be nestled.

Below is the view from the front part of the kitchen towards the back part of the kitchen, the pantry and, on the very right, the doorway to the powder room.

Here's the powder room.  I focused mostly on photographing the floor to show its shape and dimensions.  You can see that they've already got the drain for the toilet in.

They also re-framed the wall between the third bedroom and the guest bathroom to make the bedroom bigger.  It's hard to see what's what in this pictures, but they give a sense of the space.

Next, they're going to frame the tub deck and drop the Waterworks airjet tub in.  It's basically going to be centered where the broom is in the photo above.

Last but not least, here's how the fireplace is shaping up.  Our mason is a rockstar - he's back in town since Monday lunchtime and within less than 24 hours has taken it from what you saw in the last set of photos to this:

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  1. I am loving the progression! Great property!

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