Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ordering wood trim for a mock up and interior doors

I went to the molding manufacturer to order 20 lineal feet each of the baseboard, crown and window and door trim that we've picked out.  We aren't sure which sizes will give us the proportions we want so we're going to do a mock up in the space and see how it looks.  The tricky part is that we have three different ceiling heights: 9 feet on our bedroom level and on the tenants' living room/kitchen level; 9 and a half feet on our living room level; and 8 and a half feet in the basement, where the tenants' bedrooms and bathrooms are.  Those ceiling heights are going to have a big effect on what sizes look good.

Here's the profile we're looking at for crown moldings:

Then for the baseboard, we're thinking of using this as a cap, on top of a plain length of board that's at least as wide:

For the window and door trim, we're going to use some trim we liked from the salvage yard as a model.

It's 5 1/2 wide, which everyone thinks is going to be an inch too wide.  Unfortunately, the molding manufacturer announced today that he'd charge over $650 to make me 20 lineal feet of it in a 4 1/2 inch width! (The price goes down exponentially once they've made the custom knife.)  So we're going to do the mock up with what we've already got and try to use our imaginations and plain 4 1/2 inch board to take it from there. 

Then I stopped in at the red brick building.  The crew was framing the chimney and the front entryway to the three apartments.  The foreman walked through the building with me and I wrote up an interior door schedule.  When I got home, I immediately requested a quote for all 23 of them (more, when you consider that several of them are double doors for closets).  This is the style we picked:

They're little things but necessary to keep us rolling forward.

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