Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The tenants' kitchen cabinets have been ordered

We checked a major to-do item off our checklist last night: finalizing the tenants' kitchen layouts and ordering the cabinets. 

Back in December, I priced some white-painted wood cabinets from a local independent kitchen guy and then went to Home Depot to cross-check the pricing.  I'd seen some ads for Martha Stewart's new Home Depot line of kitchen cabinets and thought they'd be a safe, tasteful and not-too-expensive choice for our renters.  In real life they look pretty good - almost as good as painted solid wood and much less expensive.  I like the idea of supporting local small businesses but am glad I got a second estimate because going with the Home Depot cabinets saves us about $12,000.

After some back and forth (I had originally been thinking of a simple Shaker-style panel), we settled on the Turkey Hill door style below, but in white.

They take about 4-6 weeks to arrive.  In the meantime, my next step is to get estimates for the installation.

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