Thursday, 3 February 2011

Our front door trauma

I've been waiting no less than 6 months for the revamped front doors to our unit to arrive from the refinisher/woodworker and, in the middle of Tuesday's snowstorm, they finally did.  (The valiant drivers, however, were 2 hours late, which meant I spent 2 hours waiting anxiously in the unheated building.)  My heart sank when I saw the doors.  Try as I did to look on the bright side, they're ugly.  Keep in mind that there are four panels (two that are operating doors and two that are just panels on the walls framing them).  Now witness the trauma:

The biggest problem is the seams in the glass.  (Ignore the thick layer of dust on the mirrors.) They're in places that make sense (they line up with the joins in the wood trim) but they're still really distracting and piecey looking and not at all what I had in mind.  Our architectural designer made an image of what the doors would look like if the trim was painted white:

I had planned to paint the trim gold, but wanted to see what the stripped, unfinished wood would look like first.  Well, now I know: bad.  For reference, here's the look I had been hoping for:

The idea behind the whole project (including having four panels) is to hide the way in to our unit, so that when you come into the building, it looks like there is a common hallway and only two units in the building (their doors are to the right and to the left of the paneled wall with our doors in it).  Sort of like the secret doors concealed in walls of bookcases that I've always loved.

Or like an unmarked underground club.  Well, I have some ideas about how to try to fix this monumental screw up and will start running through them one by one tomorrow. 

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