Friday, 11 February 2011

Installation of the skylight and the headhouse windows

I went by the red brick building at day's end yesterday and got my first in-person view of the new headhouse's windows.

One more window still needs to go in on the back side of the structure.  It's the one that will give us our ocean view.

Our fabulous mason just received the stone sill for that window this morning and he's going to try to put in this afternoon.  I think that might mean that the window itself can't go in until Monday (the mud probably needs to set).

Overall I'm pretty happy with the windows.  They're really solid and look great from the outside with their beveled muntins.  My issue with them is that there are no muntins on the inside.  (I'd rather have true divided lights, of course, but apparently they don't make those with skinny stiles for double-paned windows because the stiles won't allow for the necessary vaccuum to be created.)  It might be possible to buy more muntins separately from the manufacturer and somehow secure them to the inside of the window.  We'll look into it.

Initially, I'd wanted a glass roof too, and the thought that maybe I should have pushed for it came into my mind yesterday as I stood in the space.  Everyone from my boyfriend to the architects has been really negative on the idea, claiming that the room will get way too hot.  We'll see whether it does, whether the room feels open and airy enough without it, and then go from there.

The skylight was pretty much installed this morning when I stopped by the site:

Love it!!!!!  Unfortunately the plywood covering the floor of the curb box was still nailed in place so I couldn't take photos from below or get a sense of how the light and openness will affect the master bathroom, which is directly below.  Things to look forward to tomorrow!

In less glamorous news, the gas company was there and we're just about hooked up for our gas heating.  They need to let the plumber run one more pipe and then they'll return to get us live.  It will be soooooo amazing to have heat in the building finally!

Also in the utility room, the back door to our little triangle of space boxed in between buildings is getting partially bricked in to allow more HVAC equipment to fit in from of it and hung from the wall outside:

I'll leave you with a shot upwards in that glamourous back triangle, which has proven absolutely essentially for all kinds of mechanical venting, since our building is on a corner and up against other buildings on all sides.

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