Sunday, 6 February 2011

Staircase framing begins in our unit

The carpenters have been working on framing the stairs to the correct size and location this week.  So far they've roughed in the shape for the staircase between our living level and our bedroom level:

 Above is the view from the dining room.  The next two photos are views from the living room up towards the bedroom level (third floor of the building).

My favorite thing about this staircase so far is that when you come down it from the bedroom level and pause on the curved landing, you will be looking out the new door, though the new balcony and to the green space beyond.  The next photo is of the top of the same staircase.  It curls before depositing you in the upstairs hallway.

They've also started in on the tricky part of the staircase below - the one that brings you from our unit's little foyer to the kitchen/dining room.  Here's the landing just off the kitchen/dining room that they've put in so far:

After they finish this staircase, they will just have the staircase between our bedroom level on the third floor and the roof level headhouse.  Here's what it looks like right now - it's the last original structure in the building:
Rebuilding that staircase will tell us how much of a closet we can have beneath it: we're planning on a stackable washer and dryer under the stairs but I would love a slightly more substantial laundry area since I dry most of my clothes either flat or hanging and don't like the look of them strewn about damp.

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