Thursday, 17 February 2011

Rather quiet and a sink for the powder room

Things are a bit slow in the building this week.  The framers put in the last headhouse window, opening up our gorgeous view of Boston Harbor and Charlestown beyond. 

They also ripped out the old staircase from the third floor to the roof.  Yesterday our architectural designer finished the complete dimensioned construction plans for all the staircases in our unit and handed them off to the GC.  The drawings call for newel posts with a routered-in design: a tall rectangle with an arched top.  It's going to take several days, if not longer, to have at least a couple of those milled, so access is a ladder-only affair for the time being. 

Meanwhile, they framed our master bedroom WC, and cut a hole in the floor for the chimney flue so we can see exactly where the adjacent vanity is going to be.  I hope it's going to be big enough for my messy sprawl of products.

They also poured the three concrete steps that take you down from the sidewalk to the basement utility room.  Looks good.

Finally, when I visited the red brick building yesterday the plumber asked me which sink I was planning to put into the powder room.  Well, I knew I wanted a small wall-hung model and was the eyeing the Kohler Taunton.  But then I remembered that the THG faucet I have is deck-mounted, which doesn't work with the Taunton.  The wall it's supposed to hang on is only 22" wide and I'd misremembered that that had to leave space for door trim too.  (It actually doesn't: the wall does a short dog-leg and that's where the trim will go.)  So I spent several hours yesterday trying to find a teeny tiny wall-hung sink no more than 18" wide and yet that would accept an 8" widespread faucet.  Quite the challenge!  Here's what I chose (shown single-drilled but it's available for widespread too):

It's the Signature Hardware Mini Caspero Wall-Mount Sink (17 3/4" wide by 13 3/4" deep).  Mission accomplished.

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