Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A light for the headhouse and a couple more paint colors

I'm going to trust that you can bear to hear more about lighting and paint colors.

I ordered the exterior light that's going to hang over the headhouse doors.  This is it:

It's from Bevolo Lighting, the same New Orleans company that made the other two lights we've bought so far for outside.  (I'm basically obsessed with the aesthetics of Savannah and New Orleans, so anywhere I can work in something from those parts of the country, I can't resist.)  For our light, they're going to make the bracket straight at the top instead of curved, since that's all we have the height for.  I think it's a cute and distinctive lantern, especially considering that we're dealing with some odd geometry up there and very little space.

Speaking of lighting, looking at the balcony today, I think we also had the electrician wire for a pair of sconces on the exterior of the balcony door.  I'd forgotten about those.  I'll check to be sure tomorrow, but might need to place yet another order with Bevolo.

I also got some better photos of the light yellow paint color in my boyfriend's daughter's room.  It's Farrow and Ball Tallow:

And I got a decent shot of the *third* paint color we've tried in the headhouse:

It's Farrow and Ball Blackened.  I like the intensity and the idea of the gray, but I wonder whether it has too much purple in it.  And I'm not sure how I feel about it with the color of the travertine flooring:

On the one hand I like that it's not too matchy, on the other, I don't want them to compete.  I also like the idea of mixing warmer and cooler colors in the same space.  (The sun really heats things up in there.)  The number of attempts is getting embarrassing, though, so maybe I can live with the slight lavender....

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