Friday, 3 June 2011

Photos of the Round 3 paint colors

I took some photos of the paint colors from Round 3.  All of them look different in real life, so I'm not sure how helpful these images are, but maybe they'll give a rough idea.  The only room I totally failed to capture (on two separate attempts) is my boyfriend's daughter's room.  It's a nice, very light yellow (Farrow and Ball Tallow).

Here's the entryway (Farrow and Ball Cabbage White):

We're going to repaint it the same color as our kitchen/living room/dining room level, which looks like this:

Here are a couple of shots of the master bedroom  (Ben Moore Colonial Cream) and walk-in closet (custom color):

And this is the headhouse (Farrow and Ball Cabbage White, for the time being, though I'm considering having it repainted Farrow and Ball Blackened or a similar light gray):

Can you believe that that photo is of the same paint color as the first photo in this post?  Frustrating but true.  And of course, I forgot again to take a photo of the excellent paint color (Farrow and Ball Borrowed Light) in the exercise room....

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