Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Paint colors: Round Three

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted about paint colors.  The reason?  Round Two really didn't go so well and I was discouraged.  I think a lot of the problem came from the fact that it rained for two solid weeks and I had to make decisions without seeing the colors in sunlight.  Here's where we're at now, room by room:

Owners' entryway: We painted it Farrow and Ball Cabbage White.  For a while I wasn't sure about whether the color was too dark or too dull, given that the space gets no natural light.  I think it's growing on me though.  It looked nice this morning in the sunlight.

Owners' living level:  I finally gave up trying to find a comparable stock color and handed over the color chip I had saved from my living room in London to the paint store guys.  Their color match guy is a genius: it looks perfect!

Master bedroom:  In some lights, the Benjamin Moore Colonial Cream is too dark and pinky, in other lights, it's great.  I have a feeling I might ask them to lighten it once some of the more worrisome rooms have been taken care of.

Walk-in closet:  Speaking of which...  I brought in the belt from the silk robe whose color I wanted to match to the paint store.  Despite the fact that I think they got the color right, it looks so dark and oppressive in that little space.  So I asked them to do another gallon, with 50% of the color.  Haven't seen the results yet.

Exercise Room:  Farrow and Ball Borrowed Light.  It's a darker color than I've gone with in most of the spaces but I actually like it a lot.  It's energizing without being strident, masculine but not overwhelmingly so.  I think it will be refreshing to work out in there.

Boyfriend's daughter's bedroom:  She requested a pale yellow.  I hemmed and hawed, worrying after seeing many of the colors go on much darker in the space that Farrow and Ball Farrow's Cream would be too dark.  In the end, I went for Farrow and Ball Tallow, which is described as being a white with a hint of yellow.  The first coat was being applied when I was at the red brick building this morning and it was looking good.  I definitely don't think we should have gone any darker/yellower.  We'll see the final results tomorrow.

Headhouse:  Total disaster!  Farrow and Ball Pavillion Blue IS NOT BLUE!  It's mint green.  I haaate mint green.  So wishy-washy.  I wanted a pale turquoise.  One of the painters had told me to order way too much Farrow and Ball Cabbage White for our entryway.  It's the same intensity as Pavillion Blue but with less green, so I've asked them to try the leftovers in the headhouse.  We'll see if it's an improvement, and go from there.


  1. Hi Emma, I'll try to remember to take some pictures on site today.