Saturday, 4 June 2011

Massive lighting order

I just placed a giant order for lighting for our unit.  It's almost all wall sconces, with a couple of ceiling fixtures thrown in.  (We have several ceiling fixtures -small chandeliers and lanterns- in our home now that we're going to move with us.) 

Circa Lighting got the bulk of our cash.  Their stuff is so pretty and the prices are within the realm of the possible.  Also, these four star flush mounts that I ordered for the headhouse from them a couple of weeks ago arrived on Thursday and they're beautiful, so the quality seems solid:

I ordered their Robert flush mount at the same time as the star fixtures, but it hasn't arrived yet.  It's supposed to go in the entryway to the master suite:

 Yesterday I ordered three of these little sconces for the staircase on the way from our entryway to our living room/dining room/kitchen level:

I ordered one of these for the powder room:

And two of these for the guest bathroom:

I ordered three of these for the staircase between the living room level and the bedroom level:

And two of these for the front of the built-in bookcases that are going on the short wall in the living room:

This is what is going above the sink in the master bathroom (hung horizontally).

For the exercise room, I ordered this flush mount:

From Restoration Hardware, I splurged big-time and ordered three of their smaller Brass Victorian Hotel Pendants:

I'm planning to hang them in the hallway on the bedroom level.  I also ordered three of their Copper Prismatic Glass pendants for the kitchen:

 Hopefully they aren't too big for the space.  Getting the scale right feels difficult.  I tend to like lights that are a bit oversized, but I don't when them to be gigantic either.  Fingers crossed that at least most of these work out 'cause there are restocking fees at stake.

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